Terms & Conditions

The client is engaging the Company in providing Digital Marketing or Online Advertising services. These services require a digital signature from both parties, and they are automatically renewed. All services are paid in advance on a monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly basis.

Digital Marketing Services
The Company shall discuss the goals and will plan the service with the Client. Both parties will determine the techniques and tasks to be used.
The Company shall perform the tasks assigned to the project in a timely manner.
The Client shall supervise and control the techniques and performance of the work to guarantee a satisfactory achievement that goes along with the Client’s values.

Confidentiality Agreement
The Company may get access to documents, data and other information which may be private and/or privileged from disclosure whether labelled or recognized as “Confidential. ” This data shall be strictly used for the business between both parties only. The Company shall not make use of this data in any other way, not disclose, publish or reveal the data to any other party whatsoever except using the specific prior written authorization from the Client.

The Client agrees to pay for an amount approved by both parties to perform the planned work. The invoices shall be paid before the due date; otherwise, a late fee may apply, and the services may be temporarily suspended affecting the work performance of the project.
The services can be cancelled by the Client at any time, with a 30 day written notice after the minimum contracted period is elapsed.

Mutual Non-Hire
During the period of this Agreement and for any period of three years following the termination of this Agreement, The Company and the Client agree to not:

  • Directly or indirectly, initiate employment conversations with, hire, make an effort to recruit, solicit, stimulate, or use by any means the services of every other’s employees or contractors, solicit or motivate each other’s workers or contractors to terminate their work or contract using their respective employers.
  • Solicit or drive each other’s workers or contractors to accept employment with any kind of business, corporation, relationship, association, agency or additional person or entity with that the Parties may end up being associated.

The Company will send a report every month by email with the rankings progress. Some plans may also include a ranking dashboard that can be accessed by the client 24/7 through a protected area using a username/password.

The Client recognizes that the Company might perform similar services for organizations, companies and organizations. The Client may also use other providers freely, as long as it does not violate any clause of this Agreement.

Arbitration and Disputes
In case of a dispute, the parties accept to participate in the mediation ruled by the Company’s country courts.

The Agreement covers the price and defines the tasks included. No warranties in terms of specific results or volume fulfilment are guaranteed.
The Company can not guarantee increased traffic, revenue, profits, or exposure; but will guarantee that all work will be performed and delivered as agreed.

Website Access
The Company will need the credentials (username and password) of the website to be provided by the Client within the first ten days of each campaign to make the necessary on-site changes.

SEO Algorithm Improvements
SEO and Digital Marketing is always evolving, and the majority of these changes are not controlled by the Company, but by 3rd parties. The strategy may change at any time to optimize the work and performance of the project. The Client understands that a negative or poor performance may occur if the algorithm changes and the Company cannot be accountable by these results.

Designating Representatives
Both parties shall appoint a maximum of three representatives or spokesmen to be directly involved in the project. The Client may have more members involved in the project, internally within the organization, but the communication with the Company shall always be by the same spokesperson.

Full or partial refunds cannot be entertained once the service starts due to the nature of the tasks performed.

The Agreement can be terminated by either party with a two month-notice minimum, in writing, through the Company’s official channels only. Verbal terminations are not valid.


Latest Update: Feb 10, 2021